Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hi I'm Autum and I'm a bagaholic!

Linda, the sweet Miss Craft Apple gently suggested I visit this site. For some reason she thought I'd feel right at home and mentioned something about me having all the symptoms. Just what are you saying Linda? You think I may have a problem?
Well here's my story. About a year and a half ago my daughter came home with a purse she had bought for me for Christmas. I was so touched by her excitement and thoughtfulness but at the same time was shocked at what she paid for it. It was a purse made from a placemat and had grosgrain ribbon handles. Remember those? No lining, no pockets, nothing to close it. Just a placemat folded in half and sewn together at the sides. Two lengths of grosgrain ribbon were sewn to the top for handles. Cute idea but not practical or sturdy. And what did she pay for this? $18.00! I took a good look at that little bag and said "I can make that". That was the beginning of my spiral down into bagaholism. Most of the purses I made in the beginning were for my daughter. Pretty soon her friends were requesting bags and it snowballed from there. In the picture above are some of the bags I have made since January. Yea, I guess this proves it, I have a problem. Am I going to change? I sure hope not! You can see some of the other things I make at my blog


Blogger lindiepindie said...

Well, well, if those are the bags you've made SINCE JANUARY, then you're worse off than I thought! We're glad to have you - welcome! We don't want to cure you, just make you feel more at home with your disease. :o)

3:38 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

wow!! talk about impressive!! they are all absolutely gorgeous!

4:09 PM  
Anonymous kimberly said...

Welcome, you've made some absolutely gorgeous bags. I love them! Glad you're here!

7:50 PM  
Blogger quenna said...

Thanks for sharing! That is a LOT of bags!

9:11 PM  
Blogger Dawn said... bagaholic!!! Nice to see you over here. Your stuff is amazing. Fabulous!

1:07 PM  
Anonymous autum said...

Thanks everyone!!

2:53 PM  

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