Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Bag - for Me anyway ...

Maybe all of you have seen this nifty little bag.
I'm usually the last to find these things out. :o)

Anway - My friend - LouAnne ... Quilter Extrodanaire -
explained the simplicity of this bag over the phone!
It took me a few tries and remakes but, I think
I've got it now ...

What do you think?


Each side has pockets in the front.
Like this ....


And a bigger pocket in the middle.
Like this ...


Now. I bet you are wondering.
How did I get blogger to post my pictures?
I actually have them linked to my blog
over at Xanga!

Blessings Everyone!

the Bea


Blogger seoulsisterstevens said...

Could you share how you made this bag? I would love to have the pattern. Funny thing is, I remember being told how to make this, but try as I might- i cannot remember how. (Argh- I should have wrote it down!)


6:29 AM  

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