Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Purse collage

Since I am not adept with Photo Shop to create those great collages, here is my "organic" one. The first are my felted ones -- we have handbags, lunch bags, clutches, bookbags, and totebags. The button hole bags made sweet birthday presents (my girls enjoyed filling them with stickers, crayons, barrettes and etc).

Here are some of the sewn ones. Most are in my shop -- so instead of obsession, they are called inventory!

It's nice to be with other like-minded individuals!


Blogger lindiepindie said...

Welcome - look at all your bags! Yes, I have a lot of, ahem, "inventory" as well.

3:13 PM  
Blogger Natalie Joy said...

Beautiful bags. I love your etsy shop. You should share with the rest of us how to get one started. I certaninly do not need any more bags, so what do I do with the rest??

7:47 PM  
Anonymous kimberly said...

Welcome to the group-you are one of us indeed! I love your bags!

7:48 PM  

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