Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Japanese Pattern Bag finally finished

This is my first post here, and I want to thank Linda for extending me an invitation.

It's made using the Japanese Bag pattern, in Amy Butler(Ginger Bliss) and other fabrics.
This bag was a UFO for a while as I couldn't decide on the fabric for the handles. I had seen these leather handles in many Japanese books, and had looked for them endlessly in bag supplies. Luckily Linda enlighted me as to them being saddle strings, and sold me these to get my on my way.
Originally I had the bag sides open about 3 " from the top and then I put the handles in. I'd love to hear anybody's thoughts on this, but I've found that if you keep the sides open the handles need to set on the corners. I was happy with the handles placement so I unpicked the sides and sewed them up.
My machine handled the straps fine, but I thought that topstitching might be pushing it.
Anyway, sorry if that was too much information, but the good thing, is that I am actually using the bag now.