Friday, May 26, 2006

Out of a Japanese Craft Book...

In my quest to improve my purse-making skills, I tried a new pattern out of a Japanese craft book. Let me just say that this particular book is challenging, not just because it is in a foreign language, but also because I think they assume a LOT more sewing knowledge than most patterns that I use. This purse had 6 steps. Not the 20 steps that I'm used to following when using a new pattern. Suffice it to say, I had to make some adaptations due to the language barrier, and some adaptations just because I'm not yet the sewing whiz I aspire to be. I really like the way the trim on the front and the handles turned out. This has opened up a whole new facet to purse-making for me.
I did make one other purse from the book using a purse frame. Maybe when I get better at purse frames, I'll post one here, but for the time being, my first purse-frame purse is posted here.


Anonymous kimberly said...

Oh gosh, I love it! I'm amazed at your sewing. My bags are straight-that baby is curved. How did you do that? I have some fabric samples from a friend, she used to work in a furniture store, and they look similar to your purse. That's giving me ideas.

10:27 PM  
Blogger sue b said...

Absolutely fabulous ! I love the fabrics, I love the handles. I love everything about this bag - it's gorgeous !

3:08 AM  
Blogger Teresa said...

It´s looking lovely! Did you use some strong interfacing?

3:28 AM  
Blogger lindiepindie said...

Kimberly, this is only my 2nd attempt at a curve, and it was a lot easier than last time. The fabric is some decorator fabric I got at JoAnn's on clearance so it's probably the same as what you have.

Teresa, I cut two pieces of interlining and stuck them in at the last minute. This baby is solid, although I really should have put a magnetic closure at the top to keep in closed when stuff is inside.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Natalie Joy said...

It is beautiful. I love the details.

8:32 PM  

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