Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bag-heavy post ^^

I'm so happy that I'm here among so many talented bag-creators, I enjoy reading about and seeing every bag of yours! ^-^

My husband Robert left for a business trip last evening, so I sat until very late and was finishing some bags for sale, and here are the results of my late night efforts (all patterns are mine, feel free to copy them if you like):

This one has a zipper closure and I'm proud of the way I sewn on the handle - it's attached not on the sides of the bag, but on the front and back upper corners, hidden under the triangles of leather. I have two more bags in this shape from different fabrics ready to sew.

These two have the rectangular shape, but they have elastic in a tunnel . The first one has a wooden button&velvet ribbon clousure.

This one looks a bit like a skirt, because the bottom part is pleated. (Yes, I know, it's the third bag of the same fabric, but now I have no more of this one left! ^^).

This one is bigger and has a long handle that can go across the chest. The lining is yellow. I've made a skirt out of this fabric once and then I decided to make the bag out of the rest.

Okay, you've already seen this one on my first bag collage, but I've added the closing buckle.

Last weekend I finally finished the Felted Bowling Bag I've been knitting for the Bag Me KAL.

This was my first ever felted project and it was fun! I changed the idea of the handles - I decided to make a cord using a very simple circular tool (used even in the medieval times! ^^), which resulted in a three-coloured twisted cord that I put through the holes in the sides of the bag and sewn together with red yarn. (If anyone's interested in the cord making, I'll post the tutorial soon). I also knitted and felted the flower which I sewn on the front bottom of the bag, and I also embelished it with some glass beads.

I'm continuing the bag felting experience - I've knitted and felted the bag for the Tote Exchange Pal, but it's still a bit wet, so I cannot show this to you yet. I'm checking on it everyday to see whether it's finally dry to assemble it with a knitted&felted flower I created (and send it to my pal).
Have you got any good ideas for drying the felted bags?
I left it outside in the sun and wind, I used my hair-dryer, it's a pity central heating is off because I could leave the bag near the radiator (note to myself: felting is an Autumn/Winter craft).

Happy bag-making! ^^


Blogger Natalie Joy said...

Beautiful bags! Where do you sell them?

11:16 AM  
Blogger lindiepindie said...

This post is so fun! From the manequin to the taped corners of your photos! You've been sooo busy! Your felted bag looks great - the cording is a great idea. I've felted a few bags, but am still learning about the whole process. I lay mine on a dry towel for a day, then lay them on the carpet. I remember when is was close to dry I opened it up and laid it top down so that there was some air in the middle. It might misshape the bag, though if you aren't careful. Not so professional, but it may not be as humid here as where you are.

I would love to know how you made that knit flower. It is so pretty!

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Cathy said...

All your bags are so nice. I love the felted bag! And I want to know how you made the cord!

11:57 AM  
Blogger Brahdelt said...

Thank you for your kind words! ^^
Natalie, I sell them on the biggest Polish on-line auction portal called Allegro (something like e-bay).

Lindiepindie, the flower is very easy to knit:
CO 20 st with red yarn.
R1: k all
R2: kfb all
R3: (change to orange yarn) kfb all
R4: kfb all
R5: (change to yellow yarn) kfb all
R6: BO all.
The result is a kind of a screw. ^^
I've felted the flower in 40 degrees, so it's as if half-felted.

Cathy, I'll post the tutorial for the cord soon on my blog, it's very easy and quick to make! ^^

2:45 PM  

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